DJs: Tager & Lucia Javorcekova


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DUOPOLY: (from Greek duo / two + polein / to sell) “In practice, the term is used where two companies have dominant control over a market.” [Wikipedia]

DUOPOLY is a unique concept of two soulmates - Tager & Lucia Javorcekova, which found their way to each other, against all the odds. Both coming from two distant universes with different backgrounds, but sharing the same passion for music. Even though they are newborns on the scene, they are not beginners at all. Their joint venture is full of experience. It’s a combination of his practical DJ skills with her theoretical musical knowledge and ability to sing as well as playing various musical instruments on top. Their sound is quite a mixed spectrum of various influences such as: funky bassline, unusual background sounds, hypnotic grooves and emotional vocals. This all could be described with one word: FEEL-GOOD-MUSIC. With their vibe and charisma, they are able to amuse the audience and keep the dancefloor going while expanding their ideas and skills to the next level by creating their own production one day.

“Our mission is to entertain the crowd with our track selection, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date.“



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